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Mobile Marketing Features

Why You’ll Love Simply Text

Superior SMS Marketing Features

Setup your account and send your first message in minutes

Manage contacts and campaigns in an easy-to-use interface

Use Enhanced Features, Like Segmentation, CRM Database Management, Template Manager, Birthday Alerts. Analytics & More.

More Interaction. More Business.

Studies show that 97% of text messages are opened and read within minutes of receipt.

That's 10X the open rate of email marketing! With this many eyeballs on your message, driving business has never been easier.

Amazing Service & Customer Support

Call Us At (230) 5253-2287, Mon - Fri. 9.30AM - 7PM.

24 Hour Support Ticketing

Free SMS Marketing Tips & Resources
Step-By-Step Getting Started Guides & Help Docs
Helpful videos to make your marketing efforts count

Utilize Keywords

When customers text your keyword to your short code XXXXX, we'll add them to your marketing list and automatically text back a fully customizable response.

Integrate Networks

Integrate your text messages with your Facebook page, Twitter feed, and web site. Automatically tweet your text messages and keywords to followers.

Decrease Costs

At only cents per text, SMS marketing is not only the most effective form of communication; it’s also the most affordable.

Text Marketing Simplified

SimplyText makes it easy to engage customers via text messaging.

Increase revenue, loyalty, participation, and appreciation with targeted texts.

Service & Features

  • Broadcasts: Alerts, Event Interations, In-Store Promotions, Mobile Marketing Opt-ins, Personal Interactions, Last Minute Offers & More.
  • SMS Mail Merge – Email Newsletters
  • SMS Unsubscribe Process
  • Short Codes & Sender ID
  • Character Count
  • Spell Check
  • Easy SMS Creation – Bulk SMS, Group SMS, 1-To-1 SMS Personalised Messages
  • Total Number Queued
  • Successful/Unsuccessful List
  • View Responses Online
  • Schedule SMS Texts
  • Manage Customer Relationships – Holistic view of Customer Field Manager
  • Template Manager
  • Tools: Remove Duplicates – Opt Out
  • Birthday Alerts
  • Customer Data Management
  • Easy Group Segmentation
  • Web & Facebook Forms
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • App Store
  • User Settings
  • Admin & User Access Rights
  • SMS Monthly Count
  • SMS Auto Responder
  • Mobile Coupons