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Since one moment of inspiration in June 2010 ... we have been committed to helping small & medium businesses grow. From SMS Marketing & Social Media Marketing to Digital Marketing Automation & Sales we are helping 150+ users to date.

We know a thing or two about mobile messaging. The once humble mobile phone has evolved to become the most used communication tool in existence. Over the last four years, SimplyText has been at the forefront of business mobile messaging. Our in-house, winning technical team like nothing better than to innovate and build tools optimized for delivery on mobile phones & digital platforms that meet real business needs. We deal with businesses every day, We know the challenges you face and we understand your needs.

Our emphasis is on efficiency, integration and ease of use. Our Messenger platform has been built with this in mind, along with some really useful added extras such as Reporting & Analytics, Scheduling, Personalized SMS, Group Segmentation, Birthday Alerts, Manage Contact Lists, Customizable Database Management tools, SMS Campaign Management and much more.

When prospective clients ask about our mobile messaging service, the assumption seems to be that we simply offer a direct marketing service; that we offer the capability to deliver marketing material to the masses on an industrial scale. This view completely ignores the large number of applications that our service can offer, not to mention many of its most useful features.

Our ethos encompasses a complete dedication to exceeding customer expectations, and this has been highly commended by industry experts. Our ever growing staff base is made up of passionate, dedicated people who believe completely in how SimplyText can revolutionize the communication structure of any business. As our customers remain extremely satisfied, we know SimplyText is an exciting company to be involved with on any level.

SimplyText – Why Us

A favorite for many Local Businesses

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    Why SimplyText

    SimplyText makes effective SMS marketing easy indeed - whether you're brand new to text message marketing or a seasoned hand.

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    Sending SMS online or integrating through your own application - we provide the most intuitive, easy to use marketing system of its type.

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    Outstanding Support

    As a SimplyText customer, help is always at hand with one of our SMS marketing experts.

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    Great Connection

    SimplyText only use the highest quality Local Tier-1 connections to deliver your message...instantly.

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    Exceptional Value

    Powerful features, top customer support and flexible pricing all make for outstanding value.

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    SimplyText is a Local Based team of developers, problem solvers, marketers, tinkerers, all working around the clock to offer the most powerful text marketing platform...for you!

What our clients say

We use SimplyText to congratulate our members on reaching rank advancements and to send out reminders on important events.

Sandy Suntoo, Nando’s